ES Sailing into the school year


Dear parents,

At the risk of pushing the sailing metaphor too far, I am happy to declare that it feels to me that the school year has really started sailing smoothly.  We have now completed:

  • Orientation of all students and parents to the new school year
  • Completed a successful first day and first week of school
  • Completed our “Back to School” Curriculum Night
  • Completed our first PTA coffee meeting
  • After school activity sign-ups have now been sent.

These are all important beginnings.  By all measures, the school year is now off to a very successful start.  With these major logistical accomplishments behind us, we will see a shift of the content of my postings toward the subject of our balanced curriculum.  I look forward to working with you, your children, and our faculty as we proceed on this year’s journey of learning.


Dan Keller

EC/ES Principal