PowerSchool Parent on iPhone or iPad


Dear SSIS Parents –

It was wonderful to see so many of you at the Elementary School Back-to-School Night last Thursday and then to be able to meet with parents from across the school at the opening meeting of the Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) on Friday morning.

One of the hallmarks of a great school is its eagerness to constantly reexamine itself and to strive to improve the education of its students. We are very excited by all the changes going on in all three divisions this year, and I hope you enjoyed the overview that we presented to you.

It is clear that one of the most exciting things for parents is the increased communication of grades and other information through PowerSchool and many of your asked for instructions on how to sign-on through the smartphone apps.

The school maintains eLinks, a portion of our website with hundreds of links to instructions and “how to”s. You can learn more about the PowerSchool app at: http://link.ssis.edu.vn/index.php?title=Technology_%40_SSIS/PowerSchool/PowerSchool_Parent_App

The four-letter code for the school, which you will use with your username and password, is TZTR.


Mark Iver Sylte, Head of School