HS eNews for September 8 – 13


Dear Parents,

I would like to thank the parents who attended the HS Back to School Night on Thursday, 4 September.  The evening provided parents the opportunity to meet the teachers of their daughter’s/son’s courses and to be informed of the curriculum being taught in the individual courses.  The information gained by attending Back to School Night is highly beneficial for helping parents to form a strong partnership in the learning process along with their daughter/son and their teachers.  With the information gained from meeting the teachers and from being provided an overview of the curriculum, parent are better able to provide support for their daughter/son for meeting the many academic challenges experienced in their daily life at school.


Reminder of Important Up-coming Events:

Mid-Quarter Updates will be available on Powerschool on Friday, 12 September.  This is the first opportunity to get a snapshot of how your daughter/son is performing academically in her/his courses.   Please keep in mind that the updates may be the result of only one test, quiz, or paper.  Grades do not become final until the end of the semester. Sufficient time is available for students’ work and understanding to increase and subsequently, their grade.  I encourage you to use the updates as rationale to discuss with your daughter/son the need for any additional support that may be needed before the grades become final.  It is important to remember that teacher, counsellors, and advisors are also available and willing to provide advice and/or further support in situations where students are achieving less than satisfactory work.

PTA Family Fun Day is scheduled for Saturday, 13 September from 9:00 – 12:00.  The event is open to all members of the SSIS community.  Many activities of interest to the children will be available for their participation. Proceed of the activities will go to local charities.  Please plan to attend !!


John Kruk

High School Principal