HS eNews September 22 – 26

HS coffee morning

Dear Parents,

Please be informed of the following important events for the coming week:  Principal/Counselor Coffee and Student Lock-In.

Principal/Counselor Coffee – On behalf of the Counselors and myself, I would like to cordially invite you to the HS Principal/Counselor Coffee scheduled for Thursday, 25 September.  The “Coffee Hour” will be held in the MPR (Multi-Purpose Room) on the 4th floor of the high school building.  The agenda on Thursday will be College Admissions and will include information pertaining to the following topics:

  • Upcoming college visits at SSIS
  • Timeline in the college application process for each grade
  • How to support your daughter/son at each stage of the college application process
  • Common mistakes in the college admission process
  • Financial Aid
  • Upcoming events sponsored by the Counseling Office at SSIS

We look forward to seeing you at the Coffee Hour on Thursday.

Lock-In – The students have been working very hard this quarter in meeting the academic challenges of their studies. In addition, the students have done a very commendable job in organising activities that provide community service for others.  As a respite from all their daily academic work and effort in helping others, the student council has planned a Lock-In for interested students in grades 9-12. The Lock-In will be from 8:00 pm on the evening of Thursday the 26th of September until 7:00am on Saturday the 27th of September. The students will spend the night participating in group activities in the MS and HS gyms under the supervision of the HS faculty and administration.  The activities will include sporting events, movies, table games, computer games, and time to unwind.

The students would greatly appreciate having some healthy snacks as well as some less healthy but greatly enjoyed – cookies, cake, donuts – donated for munching through0ut the night.  


John Kruk

High School Principal