HS eNews October 6 – 11


Dear Parents,

We are only one week away from the October Break.  As is usually the case, the week before our break will be a busy time for students, teachers, and parents. Friday, 10 October is the end of the first quarter. Students will be working hard to complete work before the end of the quarter, and teachers will be working hard to complete all graded assignments and post grades, with comments, on PowerSchool.

Please be reminded that quarter grades are NOT final grades. They are current grades that may change up or down as new assignments are handed in and tests are taken. At the end of the semester, Friday, 19 December, grades at that time will become final grades.

I have received notice that the UK Education Fairs featuring 45 leading Universities from the UK will be held on Sunday the of October in the Sheraton Hotel on Dong Khoi, from 9am to 12:30pm.

Week Without Walls for students in grade 9  – Please be reminded that on Monday, the 6th of October, there will be an important parent meeting about the 9th grade Week Without Walls trip to Bitan, Indonesia. The meeting will begin at 6:30 pm in the MPR on the 4th floor of the High School.

The meeting will feature important information about visas, activities, and travel groups. During the meeting, you will fill out important forms and view videos of the activities and accommodations available at LooLa. You can also find out more information about the trip on our WWW website.

We strongly encourage your attendance as this is our best chance to communicate the steps needed to make this trip a success for your student. Should you have any questions, please send them directly to our trip leader, Ms. Lisa Featherstone (lfeathertone@ssis.edu.vn).

Week Without Walls for students in grade 10 – At 6:30pm on Thursday the 9th of October there will be a required meeting for parents of students in grade 10. The purpose of the meeting is to provide parents important information related to the grade 10 WWW trip to the World Heritage Site, Malacca, Malaysia. Parents will also be able to speak with the chaperones regarding activities for the week or specific issues pertaining to making the week a meaningful experience for their son/daughter.

If you have any questions regarding the trip, please do not hesitate to contact Mr Alex Bunting by email (abunting@ssis.edu.vn) or Ms Wowchuk (swowchuk@ssis.edu.vn).

Best regards,

John Kruk

High School Principal