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Over 120 middle school students donned masks for the Masquerade dance on Friday, October 3rd.  Congratulations to our student council and dance committee for an excellent social event.  A big thank you also must go to Ms. Mai Anh Do who is the adult advisor to the dance committee.  Enjoy these photos from the dance:

Oct 14 dance 10

Two Mysterious 7 Graders!

Oct 14 dance 9

Chaperones know how to have fun!

Oct 14 dance 8

Check out those happy faces.

oct 14 dance 7

First dance for our 6th grade students.

Oct 14 dance 6

Getting ready to go inside … can you hear the music?


Student Council President Ellen Ryou greats the group.

Oct 14 dance 5

How much pizza does it take to feed 120 middle schoolers?

Oct 14 dance 4

Our students are always so polite.


Pizza boxes everywhere!


Even more disguises …

Oct 14 dance 3

As the night goes on … more dancing occurs.

Oct 14 dance 2

Who is that masked man?

Oct 14 dance 1

Posing for a few pictures.


A quick stop in Hollywood before going into the dance.


Look what the paparazzi caught.


Beautiful decorations were made by our students, Ms. Mai Anh, Ms. Kahn, and Mr. Nguyen.


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