HS eNews November 10-16

SSIS HS Math Team

Dear Parents,

Our students have been very busy this past week excelling in academics and athletics. On Saturday, November 1st a group of 8 SSIS high school students attended the Senior Saigon Mathematics Competition at the International School of Ho Chi Minh City. This competition was attended by 8 international schools from all over Ho Chi Minh City for a total of 20 teams of four students. The competition was divided into four distinct rounds: individual, pass back, puzzle, and team relay. Each round requires a different approach, the pass back round requires the initial team member to solve a math problem and then “pass back” their answer to their teammate. Their teammate then must use this answer to solve his or her problem.

Led by coach Anh Nguyen, SSIS’s team of Sung Hun Cheong, Byung Kwon Kim, Woo-Young Cho, and Jeong Ho Shon won the pass back and team relay, placed second in the individual competition, and 1st overall. Kim Byung Kwon also placed 3rd in the individual round out of 80 students.

Congratulations go to HS math teacher and coach Mr. Anh Nguyen and members of the SSIS Math Team.

SSIS HS Math Team


On Wednesday, 29 October our Varsity Badminton Team  competed in the Saigon International Sports Association Conference (SISAC).   This was the first time that SSIS has participated in the competition.  The competition was organised on more of an individual basis with a number of our students placing high in the competition.

Congratulations to coach Ms. Shelley Wowchuck and members of the SSIS Badminton Team.

On Thursday, 30 October to Saturday, 1 November our Varsity Boys & Girls Volleyball teams competed in the Mekong River International Schools Association (MRISA) Volleyball Tournament at United Nations International School (UNIS) in Hanoi.  Our girls’ team finished in 2nd place and the boys’ team finished in 3rd place in a field of eight teams competing in the tournament.

Congratulations go to coaches M. Chris Sylvester and Mr. Greg Jardin and members of the SSIS Boys’ and Girls’ Volleyball Teams.

SSIS Vball Boys

SSIS Vball Girls

Best regards,

John Kruk

High School Principal