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What does it look like to feed about 200 middle school students in about 15 minutes?  Yes, it only takes about 15 minutes for all of our hungry students to make their selection, receive their food, and check out through the cashier line.  Our students are lucky to have an amazing array of food offered to them on a daily basis.  Here are a few pictures taken at lunch today:


The Ala Carte line is the most popular. There are usually 4 different entrees on this line.


Selecting from the Ala Carte line.


The noodle station offers a different noodle soup every day.


The set lunch has 2 different main entrees … and 4 other components of the meal.


Waiting in line to pay is fun when you are with your friends. Check out those House League shirts!


Students are careful to check their receipts as they check out.


Many students bring their lunches from home. Notice the great dishes they use.


Some students venture outside to eat their lunches.


GIN club is selling t-shirts during lunch to raise money for their newest cause!

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