MS: Another Art Update


7th grade art students have been learning about mandalas for the past few weeks.  Students were eager to push their mandala designs to the next level as they began a collaborative art project this week.  First, students formed pairs to examine the individual mandala they had created and to combine them into one design.  Next the students began to work together to put that design onto an umbrella.  Learning new painting techniques while continuing to demonstrate previous learning about tones and blending make this a particularly fun project for the students.  We can’t wait to see their finished work on display.

Combining two designs allowed students to practice collaborative skills.
Mrs. Jardin demonstrated some new painting techniques the students would be using in the project.
How do you paint something as awkward as an umbrella? By climbing on the table of course!
How to decide what aspects to pick from each design? These students said they nominated the best from the other person’s work.
Now the fun part … climb on up and get started sketching and painting.