High School Hour of Code



In celebration of Computer Science Education Week, code.org sponsors Hour of Code, which aims to demystify programming and demonstrate that anyone can master the fundamentals of coding. Last year’s Hour of Code was the largest learning event in history with 15 million students participating. More girls tried computer science during last year’s event than had in the last 70 years. This year’s goal is 100 million students and SSIS is participating.

Because of exams, the High School Hour of Code will take place on the final day of the semester, December 19, rather than during Computer Science Education Week which is December 8-14. During the Hour of Code all HS students, under the direction of the Computer Science class, will use their laptops to complete a programming tutorial that will involve variables, repetition, conditionals, and looping. Students who participate in the Hour of Code will receive a certificate of completion.

For more information visit Hour of Code to try the tutorials yourself – available in 30 languages including Vietnamese, English, Korean, and Mandarin.