MS Wrapping Up Semester One


You may be sensing it at home … the semester is coming to an end.  This means that many projects and assessments are wrapping up all at the same time.  This may be causing an increase in stress in your child.  There are many ways to help your child cope with the added pressures that the end of a semester brings.

1.  Help your child create a calendar of all their major project and assessment due dates.  While this information is available on Moodle, creating a calendar in their room is a great way of helping them see when things are due.  You can also help them add other commitments to the calendar like sports practices and games, ASAs, and family activities.

2.  Add a study and work schedule to the calendar.  This will help your child determine how to spread out their work and studying over a period of time instead of rushing the night before a deadline.

3. Help them stay active.  Your child might be tempted to cut out physical activity and exercise as a way to find “extra” time.  Help them realize that taking time for exercise HELPS in the learning process.  Even if they break for 15-30 minutes of running, dancing, or playing ball, it can provide

4.  Enforce bedtimes.  Middle school aged children need 9 hours of sleep a night.  This time is essential for the brain to process information, reset, and recharge for the next day.  Studies have shown that lack of sleep has a negative impact on academic achievement.  Students are much better off getting a good night of sleep than staying up late studying.