HS eNews December 8 -13


Dear Parents,

Semester exams for our HS students, 9-12, begin on Thursday, 11 December. Semester Exams are designed to be a comprehensive review of major facts, concepts, and skills taught, and hopefully learned, during the semester. The primary reasons for administering semester exams are:
1) to assess student progress,
2) to reinforcement information, concepts, and skills learned during the semester.
3) to provide students an opportunity to apply concepts learned to new situations, and
4) to identify areas for improvement.

Success on the exams requires proper planning and preparation. A copy of the exam schedule and General Information have been shared with all students as of Thursday, 4 December. The same information about the exams may be accessed through the following links:

I wish all students the very best on their semester exams.

Mr. Kruk
High School Principal