HS eNews December 15 – 20


Dear Parents of HS Students,

Semester Report Cards

The grades and comments students earn throughout the semester are “grades in progress” reflecting the students’ grades at any one particular time. These grades and the accompanying comments are available on-line through out the entire semester providing opportunities for quick, frequent, and easy access by students and parents. Students’ grades do not become part of their permanent records, transcripts, until the end of semester, after semester exams.

In the past, final grades earned at the end of the semester were sent to students and parent as “hard copies”, called report cards, in addition to being available to view on-line. The preparation of the hard copies of the report cards created a fair amount of extra time and effort in addition to using a tremendous amount of paper.

In an effort to improve efficiency, while also helping to do our part to save the environment, semester grades and comments will be prepared in the same format as the past, a report card, but they will be sent to parents by email. Any parent wishing to have a hard copy may do so by either printing out a personal copy or by sending an email to Thao Nguyen, HS Administrative Assistant, at hsoffice@ssis.edu.vn requesting a hard copy of the report card.

Procedure for Reporting Semester Grades and Comments
• Semester exam taken: 11 December – 18 December
• On-line viewing of Semester grades and comments: as tests are graded; semester grades computed and posted on PowerSchool; December 20 through January 11.
Report card sent to parents as an email: 14 January 2015.   

If you do not receive a soft copy (email) of your son’s/daughter’s report card by Thursday, 15 January please notify Ms. Thao, HS admin Assistant, at hsoffice@ssis.edu.vn

I thank you for your understanding and continuing support.


John Kruk
High School Principal