MS Science and Art in Action Today


It’s always exciting to see what is happening in the science lab and in the art room.  Located directly across from each other, it’s easy to see the exciting work.  Here is what we saw today:

Students in Grade 7 art are completing their mandala umbrellas as well as their stop motion animations featuring the umbrellas.  Check out this awesome video for a sneak peak.


Grade 8 students are working furiously to finish their animal sculptures.  These amazing creatures are coming to life right before our eyes.



6th grade science students were experimenting with pulleys today.  Collecting data was the name of the game:

IMG_4767 IMG_4768 IMG_4771 IMG_4772

In Grade 8 Science, students were testing their vehicle designs.  Using found objects, balloons, and straws, the students used design thinking to create a vehicle that could be powered solely by air.  They are eager to compete to see how far their vehicle can travel.