ES Community Post Office Coming Soon!


The Kindergartners are making preparations for the fourth annual SSIS Community Post Office. For a limited time in February you will be able to send notes to all your favorite teachers, students and administrators, assistants, office staff –you name it- and our kindergarten classes will personally deliver your letters! We hope the post office will encourage communication that will strengthen our community. Send a note to a teacher to tell them how you appreciate all they do. Send a note to a friend to see if they want to have a play date. The possibilities are endless.  This Post Office project will allow us to integrate literacy, math, social studies and art across the grade levels. It’s not limited to school either! Families can work together and write letters and cards at home to be mailed at school. You can create stamps and reuse some old stationary. Post Boxes will be places around school for convenient mailing.

When: Wednesday, February 4th- Friday, February 13th

Where: EC/ES Building

Who: Everyone!