ES Tet Assemblies (February 13, 2015)


Dear Families,

On February 13, we will have two different assemblies to celebrate Tet (New Year).  The first assembly will be at 10:00 AM in the auditorium and will include a number of performances from various classes (see program below).  The second assembly will be at 2:00 PM in the Middle School gym and will include a performance of the traditional dragon dance from a professional group.  Parents are welcome to join us for both events.


Tet Assembly Program: 10:00 AM, Friday, February 13 (SSIS Auditorium)

  1. Flag dance – 4 BD
  2. Song: Anh em ta về – K
  3. Dance: Con bướm xinh – 1MM
  4. Song: Bảy ngày đều ngoan – 1GN
  5. Poem: Vè chúc Tết – 2RR
  6. Play: Tết in Phú Mỹ Hưng – 3JN
  7. Dragon dance: G5 boys
  8. Song: Tía má em – 3JJ
  9. Dan tranh – Dao + G5 girls
  10. Song: Ngày Tết Quê Em – TA