Helpful hints from our Elementary Learning Support Team



Learning Support Resources for Parents and Teachers

Have you ever wondered what websites are best for parents to learn more about learning disabilities? One very good website I have found to be useful is called Smart Kids with Learning Disabilities ( This website was started by parents dedicated to educating and providing support, particularly for moms and dads who have children with learning disabilities and attention-deficit disorder. It provides a lot of useful information that explains signs and symptoms of different disabilities, evaluation and diagnosis, treatment and support. There are also many informative articles that educate, guide and inspire parents as well as educators, like myself.

My favorite website is LD Online ( as it is a wealth of information for both educators and parents. The information is organized by topic and offers numerous expert opinions and resources. I particularly like the multimedia section which features videos and podcasts from top experts with the latest research.

Another great website is called Friends of Quinn: Living with Learning Differences ( Although Quinn grew up as a child with many learning disabilities, he has gone on to graduate from college. He has written books and his website is geared to help others learn how to develop strategies to lead a productive and successful life. His website is full of useful information about many different disabilities and videos too. There is one particularly good video interview with Steven Spielberg, the famous director of many movies, who talks openly about his dyslexia and reading issues.

Steven Spielberg says that one of the key factors that contributed to his success in life was the ongoing encouragement and positive support that he received from his parents. The best gift that you can give your child with learning disabilities is being a parent who models optimism, hope and triumph over adversity.

According to the Smart Kids with Learning Disabilities website, there are three components parents need to remember in order to guarantee success for their child:

  1. Know your child – Make sure you have identified conditions that maximize your child’s learning potential and work with those responsible to help confirm these conditions are in place.
  1. Build a network of reliable support professionals -Develop a group of people who

understand your child’s issues and support concerns related to your child’s academic, social, emotional and behavioral well-being.

  1. Remember to breathe – Be proactive, not reactive. Frustration is a negative force that not only depletes parental resources but also poisons your child’s environment. Fill your life with activities that support your talents, desires and competence.

by Barbara Wilson
Elementary Learning Support Teacher