ES Principal’s Coffee Morning, Tuesday February 10th


The morning of Tuesday, February 10th, saw a group of elementary parents attending our latest ES Principal’s Coffee. As Mr. Dan Keller is out of the country, Mrs. Barb Reynolds and Mr. Shane Sullivan lead the coffee.

This month’s presentation focused on science in the elementary division. Math/Science Coach Shane Sullivan discussed the differences between content knowledge and inquiry in the realm of science instruction. We looked at how SSIS teachers use inquiry based methods combined with specific content knowledge to create stimulating, fun and engaging science. We also discussed the idea of how science investigations allow the incorporation of other subject areas to create multidisciplinary learning. Finally, Mr. Sullivan shared some resources that will help parents create science investigations at home.

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Mr. Sullivan’s presentation slides can be seen here:

Principal’s Coffee – Science

Not only did parents hear about science, they actually conducted a science experiment dealing with motion and design. Parents worked in small groups using K’NEX kits to create “gravity cars.” These cars were then tested for distance traveled by running them down an inclined plane. Parents were given the opportunity to make some modifications to their cars and retest them hoping for a longer distance traveled. Just look at how much fun we had!