AS Collecting Recyclable/Scrap Materials for MRISA Arts Exchange

Dear SSIS community,
This March, SSIS is hosting the annual Mekong River International Schools Association Arts Exchange.  Students and teachers from 8 schools in the region will be coming to participate.  One part of the arts exchange is a large multi-media art display that requires the use of recyclable and scrap materials. We are asking everyone in the SSIS community if they could bring in any of the following materials that they might not be using or might be planning to throw away:
Thread, rope, newspaper, cloth, rattan, wooden sticks, bamboo, paper cups, paper plates, clear plastic cups, clear plastic bottles, black trash bags, straws, balloons or any other recyclable, clean material.
There will be a yellow collection box in the plaza at the front of the school with the MRISA Arts Exchange logo on it. If you would kindly drop off any materials you have, it would be much appreciated.