MS Ready for WWW


It’s almost here!  We are so excited to take all our middle school student on their WWW experience.  Grade 6 is heading to Mui Ne; Grade 7 is heading to Madagui (near Cat Tien National Park); and Grade 8 is heading to Ta Lai (near Cat Tien National Park).  All groups leave on Monday, March 16 and return on Friday, March 20.

We will be sending home the front page of the information packet (and the packing list) on Thursday just in case that important information might have gone missing since they were sent home.  We have also posted the full information packet on Moodle in each grade level Advisory class page.

While the students are on the trip, be sure to check in with the Asia Motions trip blog for photos and updates.
Grade 6 Blog:
Grade 7 Blog:
Grade 8 Bl0g:

We will also be posting brief updates to eNews each day.

Questions that have been asked in the last week:
1.  Do our children need to bring passports/visas?  No.  Since we are in country and traveling by bus, we were able simply provide either a list with name, nationality, and passport number or copies of passport and visa.  We collected most of these during orientation back in August.  Ms. Mai Anh Do rounded up the remained of missing and/or expired documents.

2.  Do our children need to bring health insurance cards?  No.  SSIS purchases supplemental insurance for each traveler to ensure immediate coverage if needed.  Asia Motions, our trip provider, also has additional insurance.

3. How do I get in touch with my child if there is an emergency?  Two emergency numbers are listed on the information sheet.  You can contact Ms. Shelley Wowchuk, Athletic and Activity Director, at anytime on her cell phone:093 832 6305.  You can contact Ms. Mai Anh Do during work hours at the MS office number:  08 5413 0901 Ext.12001.

4.  How will you get in touch with me if my child has an emergency?  We will first use the phone number you provided on the information packet form.  If that number is not answered, we will use all numbers found in PowerSchool until we reach someone.  Each trip leader has a complete PowerSchool print out for each child.

5.  What happens with the information we provided on the information packet form?  All information was compiled into one document creating a master list of information.  Each trip leader has a complete print out of that information.  This document also includes activity permissions.  Unless specifically given permission, no child will be allowed to participate in any of the activities specifically listed as needing permission in the information packet.  (What if my child begs? … No worries.  They will not be allowed to participate no matter how teary they get.)