MS/HS GINSaigon 2015, March 20-22


GINSaigon is right around the corner.  Check with your child to see if they are registered for this amazing student run conference.  You can check out more about the conference at the GINSaigon 2015 website.

From the website:

The Global Issues Network movement was started by a group of international school teachers and students in 2003, inspired by the book High Noon: 20 Global Issues, 20 Years to Solve Them by Jean-Francois Rischard. In the book, Rischard argues that the only way to solve these issues is by creating grassroots networks (like schools) that work together to effect change. Since this grassroots beginning, the Global Issues Network has grown rapidly to include students from more than 200 schools across Europe, Asia, Africa, Middle East and The Americas.