MS WWW Update: Day 1 Monday March 16th


Our team leaders reported that they did a lot of fun activities for the 1st day of the arrival. They experienced in swimming, setting up tents, doing yoga, bonfire, making springrolls and some bamboo rice, kite flying, etc…They had a great night of camping. Everything was great. What a blast for the 1st day of the trip!

Here is a diary of a 7 grader – Tri Giao for her 1st day of the trip, we would like to share to all parents:
“We spent the morning on the bus. Everyone was split into two groups by advisory. And for 4 hours, we played cards, ate snacks, sang, and talked. There was a rest stop in the middle of the trip, but other than that, we all learned to cope with the confined space of the bus. 
When we were let out, there was a brief checking and then we were assigned our tents and activity groups. Lunch was a buffet with bacon, rice, spring rolls… 
Then we went on a 6 kilometers hike, uphill, downhill, up, down, with two resting spots to catch our breath. Impressions of the hike range from “it’s awesome!” to “it’s horrible!”, but everyone was excited to get in the pool once the hike was over. A number of student stayed on the dry ground playing cards, while games of waterpolo and volleyball are played in the pool. 
We all got some well deserved rest time after the pool, and then we gathered together make a portion of dinner : spring rolls and com lam, which is rice stuffed in bamboo. While dinner was coking, we played a team game including hula ups which was quite fun. Dinner was eaten, people wandered around, and now most gathered watching a movie “Chicken run”, as I write this today.

Today has been a great first day here a Madagui, and I can’t wait for what is in store tomorrow.”
Tri Giao

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