MS WWW Update: Day 2 Tuesday March 17th


Team Leaders reported this morning that they have eaten a good breakfast and are on their way to their activities today.

Grade 6 students are doing well. They hiked up to Ta Ku mountain and visited pagoda this morning. They enjoyed a lovely lunch on the mountain. They’d got the beautiful views at beautiful light house . Ms McKinnon, Grade 6 Team Leader just updated that they are having a good time.

Grade 7 have done a lot outdoor activities today: archery, scavenger hunt, etc. They have made fabric weaving and bracelet. Ms Taoli, Grade 7 Team Leader updated that they got a great time. Everything have been going well.

Day 2 to Grade 8 has been great. They played tons of team building games, learned about the local minority group, layed soccer with a local team, and did a minority dance. All is fine Mr Coffey, Grade 8 Team Leader and Ms Burger, MS Principal updated.

A diary of a student for Day 2 of the trip:
“On the second day of WWW, we got breakfast at a different restaurant and packed our bags again. Then, we moved to the hotel we were going to stay for the rest of our trip. After we moved in and got settled, the 7thgrade split into our activity groups and did different activities according to our schedule. My group, group 4, was paired with group 3 and our first activity was archery. In archery, we first started by having 2 practice shots. As we shot the targets, we noticed that it was harder to shoot the targets there rather that in school. After the practice shots, we did an “Individuals Competition”, where we got to shoot 5 arrows and the person with the most points won. After that we played two variation of a game called “Killer”.

After we finished archery, we started an activity called outdoor soft skills. In this activity, we first learned how to use a compass and find the way to 40°N, 50°S using a compass. After that, we got to practice this skill by starting at one corner and using the directions (given on a piece of paper) to find a beacon and get a stamp. This consumed a considerable amount of time in my group, because we got close to the beacon, thought we were lost/made a mistake and started over. When we finally finished, we learned how to make basic knots, such as the clover hitch.

Afterwards, every group came together and ate lunch, and filled up our water bottles. Soon everyone went into their rooms and rested until the teachers called us out. We then got ready to do the Scavenger Hunt.

In the scavenger hunt, we had to got to the locations printed on the map that the guides gave us along a recording book. If we went to the location, we would find an animal sticker along with a mission. 

The missions were generally hard but the tricky part was trying to find the beacons that symbolized the animal sticker. For example, we had to go inside various caves, walk through some very steep paths, and walk through some wobbly bridges. Also, there were some dangerous animals. Once, while we were going to cross one of the bridges, we saw a snake down the river! But other than those terrifying situations, the scavenger hunt was very exciting.

After we finished everything, we had 2 hours of free where we swan, played card games and showered. Then, we went to the restaurant where we were going to eat a fabulous dinner and play some games.

After all those adventures happened today, everyone was pretty tired. Almost everyone slept right away, after their heads found their beds.”


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