MS WWW Update: Day 3 Wednesday March 18th


The Team Leaders reported that they got a good buffet breakfast this morning. All student are ready for their activities today. Day 3 is off to a great start.

Report this morning:
Grade 6 is doing community service with a local school. Students are cleaning the beach, making things out of recycled water bottles and creating arts together at the school. Everyone is having a lot of fun.
Grade 7 is doing zipline, rock climbing, rafting and team building games. Everything is well. Students are having a good time.
Grade 8 is doing kayaking on Ta Lai lake and visiting cocao farm this morning and afternoon. Students are doing a great job!

Report this afternoon:
All students finished lunch. They are ready for this afternoon activities. Students are all having fun.

Students had another fantastic day!

Diary of a student for the Day 3 of the trip:
“Out of all the adventures we had, today’s has to be one of the best one yet! 

Here is a little overview: the students were split into 2 groups. 

One group started off rafting and the other group ziplined and rock climbed. 

Let’s start with rafting. The students got into rafts by color group (yellow, green, etc.). Working together, we timed our paddling to push us through the river. 

The second activity our group did was ziplining. There was 4 stages. All of them being different length and height. 

The last activity is rock climbing. It’s pretty self explanatory; there are different sizes of rock walls that are worth different points when climbed. All in all, today’s activities were all fun and productive. 

I look forward to what activities we have next time!”

Nicholas Lai


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