MS WWW Update: Day 4 Thursday March 19th


Report this morning:
They have a great start this morning. All students are excited
Grade 6 is heading to Manta Sailing Center.
Grade 7 is going to build bamboo raft.
Grade 8 is on their way to Madagui Forest Resort for their activities.

More is coming…

Grade 6 is at the sailing center now and learning how to tie knots. They are having fun.

Grade 7 is enjoyable with the experience in building bamboo rafts. They love it!

Grade 8 has been having a great day so far. They are at Madagui Resort for zip lining, rock climbing and a massive scavenger hunt. They get to swim in the big pool.

All students have had another great day, reported from the Team Leaders.

A diary of a student for Day 4 of the trip:

“Today was one of the best days of WWW. 
The first thing we did was take a bus to the lake and built some bamboo rafts. They taught us knots the day before so we had decent knots to use. We first made a square frame and we square lashing to tie the pieces to gather. After that we put two bamboo sticks inside to hold the barrels. We then secured the barrels to the frame and flipped it over. We he put more sticks to make a place that we sit on. At this point there tons red ants coming out at bamboo sticks and everyone was being bitten ( not me , though ). 
After we got our raft ready and put them into the water, we only had one mistake: one group lost lost a barrels they pushed their raft. After, we had a race and my group ( pink peeps ) came first. 
When we got back we had a small rest and changed for the next activities. The first thing we did was letter writing to a orphanage we unfortunately could’t not visit because of a chicken pox outbreak. We decorated the letters with drawings and origami. 
After that we did basket weaving, we were helped by a group of villagers that lived nearby. It was hard but a very enjoyable experience. We had the choice between making a fan and making a basket, making the basket was very hard for me at least, and so I made a fan. The next thing we did was draw by the river with had some mixed results. Some of the result were very good and other were decent (barely decent). I drew a pier and the ocean. 
We then drank some water and head on to our last activity, games. We played to different games. The first game we played was when we threw a ball at a tower of cans. The next game, we played a game were we placed wood sticks thought a cylindrical metal cage. The game was called kerplunk. 
Both of games were a lot of fun and everyone enjoyed it. 
After that we had a bit of R and R and went swimming and played water polo (kind of). After we swam we had shower and packed our bags for departure tomorrow and cleaned trash out of our rooms. 
At 7 we when to dinner and ate. After dinner we got prizes for the best teams in all the activities, and my group won the raft building, second quiz night and got second place in the scavenger hunt. 
Then we began to sing some karaoke with some amazing singer and some decent (not) singers. All in all it was a really good experience and it wold not be as good if it wasn’t for the asiamotion staff, guides and teachers. Hopefully it will be as good next year.”


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