Students in cahoots


In Ms. Clare Alexander’s IB Year 2 Geography class, seniors use the web-based Kahoot! to review vocabulary and concepts. Ms. Alexander creates a few multiple choice questions, students log in to the quiz through their laptops, and the fun begins. A question is projected at the front of the class. As the timer ticks down, students enter their answers. When time is up (usually 20 seconds) the correct answer is displayed as is a histogram of how many students in the class chose each response. Next a leaderboard shows the students with the highest accumulated scores. The competition is friendly but intense. Ms. Alexander said she uses Kahoot! as a warm up to generate interest and motivate students to participate. She also analyzes the results to see where there are gaps in students’ knowledge that she then addresses in the lesson.

Lately, Ms. Alexander has taken the game to the next level and had her students create their own Kahoot!s to challenge their classmates. One such session took place during F block on March 17. Louie Kang presented his classmates 8 questions dealing with water. One was:

All of these contribute to being less likely to flood except:
1) Increased time to reach river channel
2) Increased surface runoff
3) Increased infiltration
4) Discharge increases slowly

Hurry, you only have 20 seconds to answer.