MS Earth Week Update

Dear Middle School Students and Parents,

In celebration of Earth Week, we are organizing grade-level potlucks on Thursday, April 23 to raise awareness for the environmental impacts that result from industrial meat cultivation and production (check out this link to learn more). To fit in with this theme, we ask that all students bring a dish that does not contain beef, chicken, pork, fish, seafood, or any other meats from home to share with their classmates. Eggs and dairy products are allowed as well as other forms of non-animal protein including tofu, beans, and nuts. It is not necessary to bring an excessively large amount of food, as there will be many dishes to sample from other students, but we suggest that you bring foods or drinks that are easily shared and can be brought in to school either on Thursday morning or right before the potluck begins at around 12:20.

Our purpose, ultimately, is to give the student body a way to be environmentally conscious while also enjoying a delicious and nutritious lunch, so we encourage you to bring minimally processed/packaged foods and if possible, dishes that are traditional or common in your culture. This potluck is also a great way to see how different nations and cuisines from all over the world have their own unique take on vegetarianism as well as understand that “meatless” does not necessarily have to mean boring or unappetizing!

Our hope is that you all will help to make this a very positive and special event for everyone to enjoy!

Thank you,

The Earth Week Team