Reimagining Family Fun Day


Dear SSIS Family –

I would like to express a heartfelt “thank you” to all of you who helped organize, volunteered to help run, or even came to enjoy our Spring Family Fun Day at SSIS this past Saturday (11 April 2015).

This was the first all-school event held under a new planning process at SSIS whereby individual country communities are asked to take the lead in organizing major events. For our Spring Family Fun Day the Vietnamese parent community, and their Country Ambassador Ms. Thuy Phan, stepped up to reimagine what the day could be. I was so impressed by the results. Certainly old favorites were there – the slip ‘n slide, the bouncy house, face painting, cotton candy, music and much more. We all look forward to these perennial favorites.

But the event had a lot of new things to offer. The locus of the event was moved entirely to the backfields, providing a more compact event and a smaller area for parents to supervise children. A move to the afternoon, and six, huge tent awnings, provided welcomed relief from April’s heat, not to mention the strong afternoon breezes! There were great new food vendors, new popular attractions such as pony and cyclos rides, and even an archery range.

While I am so impressed and appreciative of what our Vietnamese parents have offered to our school, I also want to thank so many others – parents from every nationality group, teachers, administrators, and high school students who volunteered from setup to clean up to make this event a great success.

Appreciatively yours,

Mark Iver Sylte

Head of School