HS eNEWS May 4 – 9


Dear Parents of High School Students,

Please be reminded that school will be closed for Spring Break as of Saturday, 25 April.  School will resume at 8:00 am on Monday, 4 May.

IB and AP exams will begin on the week of 4 May through 9 May are as follows:



Monday, May 4th

IB English A HL&SL P.1
Literature – Rm C402
Lang & Lit – MPR
AP  Chem – C020
AP Env Sys – C020

IB Econ HL&SL P.1;
AP Psychology – C020

Tuesday, May 5th

IB Econ HL and SL P.2&3 – MPR
AP Calculus – C020
IB English A HL &SL
P.2Literature -Rm C402
Lang & Lit – MPR

Wednesday, May 6th

IB Biology HL&SL P.1&2 – MPR
Thursday, May 7th

IB Biology HL&SL P.3 – MPR

Friday, May 8th IB Physics. P1 and 2
AP US History – C020

IB Korean P1 – MPR IB
Chinese B P1 – MPR IB
Chinese ab initio – MPR

I would like to thank Scarlett Bui, Dee Dee Niles, Mai Linh Trang, and Katie Zimmermann for serving as members of a panel of parents of current seniors at the Principal/Counselor Coffee on Thursday, 23 April.  The panel members shared helpful information with parents who will have their son/daughter  going through the university application process next year.

list of helpful information included the following suggestion:

  • keep a chart of important due dates;
  • use the same email address for all application materials, including SAT correspondence
  • be supportive, not “nagging”;
  • limit choices of colleges/university to no more than ten;
  • visit possible universities high on your list during summer before senior year;
  • don’t wait too late to apply to university/college selected as “safe choice”;
  • complete applications well in advance of due date;
  • focus on your passion when writing personal statement and not on the number of activities joined;
  • have son/daughter experience practical “life skills” such as cleaning their room or doing their laundry   while at home during their senior year;
  • use official passport name on all application documents
  • attend university/college fairs hosted at SSIS during the year;
  • use the internet to get information about university/college offering your son/daughter’s possible major; and
  • possible sites on the internet to learn about campus setting/life at various universities/colleges include niche.com; and studentsreview.com

If you have any questions regarding the above information, please feel free to email Kris Bumpus at kbumpus@ssis.edu.vn or Erin Hawken at ehawken@ssis.edu.vn

I wish you a very relaxing and enjoyable Spring Break.

John Kruk

High School Principal