HS eNews May 18 – 23


Dear Parents of HS Students,

AP and IB External Exams continue this week according to the following Schedule:

AP / IB Exams
Monday, May 18th IB Hist. HI P3 -MPR
Tuesday, May 19th IB Geo HL/SL P1 – MPR
Wednewsday, May 20th IB Geo HL/SL P2&3 -MPR AP World History (Late) -C020
Thursday, May 21st AP Calculus AB (Late) -C020 IB Maths HL P3
IB Environ Sys. P1 -MPR
AP Chem. (Late) -C020
Friday, May 22nd

IB Music HL/SL

IB Environ Sys. P2 -MPR

AP Psychology (Late) -C020

IP Environ Sys.(1 student)
Exams for Seniors in Non-IB Y2 courses

Day # 2, May 22, 2015:

  • 8:00 – 10:00 in High School Office Conference Room

IB English Lan & Lit SL Y1

Vinh Nhan

  • 12:00 – 2:00 in HS MPR
Chemistry Pre-calculus B Math Studies SL Y1

Vinh Nhan

Trun Tran

Gulia Soh

Dan Vo

Yoo Jung Kim

Anh Quang

Gary Nguyen

Tristan Naro


The HS Prom will be held on Saturday, 23 May at the Hotel Nikko from 6PM to 10PM. The students have been working all year to produce a Prom that will be enjoyable and memorable. There will be 203 guests and 6 chaperones in attendance this year.

Prom officially begins at 6:00 pm on May 23 in the Origami Ballroom on the third floor of Hotel Nikko Saigon in District 1. All guests must arrive no later than 7:00 pm.  Two professional photographers will be available in the reception area starting at 5:30. As the theme is Midnight Masquerade, students are encouraged to wear a mask, but this is not required.

We will have students names on our guest list and ask that when they arrive, they first proceed to the reception desk so that we can check off their names.

At 6:00 the ballroom doors will be opened. The evening will begin with a lovely buffet dinner.  During dinner we will have student performances.

After dinner they can enjoy dancing, socializing, and photography. During the evening we will have a lucky draw, coronation, and gifts for the seniors.

Please note that as Prom is a school-sponsored event, all school rules related to student behavior will be in effect. Students may not leave the Prom early unless a parent comes to pick them up. Prom ends at 10:00. Students  are to arrange for transportation at that time.

We would like to offer our special gratitude to our sponsors Indevco, The Gioi Hang My, American Eye Center, THD Travel Co. Ltd., and Cornerstone Institute. Their generous support allowed us to purchase special decorations, and hire photographers, a DJ, and arrange for a sound system and lights while reducing the ticket prices. The PTA also has our thanks for providing soft drinks.

We look forward to the students having a very enjoyable evening.