MS Summer Reading

We are excited to provide the following to support student reading over the summer.  Students are expected to read 3-6 English language books during the summer to maintain their reading proficiency.  We encourage students to find great books and read, read, read!
Returning students are allowed to check out 2 books at a time from our MS Library over the summer for their reading.  During the summer, the SSIS ES library will be open during the following hours (students can request materials from the MS and HS libraries during the summer):
  • June 15 – July 3: Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursdays from 8-10 am
  • Week of July 7: Tues/Thurs 8-10 am
  • Week of July 13: Closed
  • Weeks of July 20 and 27th: Tues/Thurs 8-10 am
  • Week of August 3– Closed
  • Week of August 10 &11 – Closed
  • Wednesday August 12: Back to school open regular hours (Mon-Fri 7:45-4:00 pm)
Another way to access SSIS library material is through the following digital resources:
1. Using the Library Home page, a student may type ‘ebooks’ into the search field – they will have quite a large selection (219) of books they can read online.
  • These are ‘issued’ electronically to them for two weeks at a time
  • After 2 weeks, the book will disappear, at which time, a student may borrow it again if needed
2. Student logs in to their MS Moodle. They go to the ‘Library’ drop-down menu.
  • They choose ‘database passwords’.
  • There is a link to each type of database available to them, with the password and user name required for entry.
  • Tumble Book Cloud, and Tumble Books are two great databases with heaps of material for readers of various strengths and interests.

Click here for information about summer reading expectations for MS students at SSIS:
Summer Reading Goals 2015 Middle School