Keeping them Safe – Turnstiles installed at SSIS


Dear Parents and Students –

As you enter campus this year, one of the first changes you will encounter is the installation of turnstiles at the front plaza area. These are part of the many upgrades we made this summer and one specifically aimed at the safety of our community. These new turnstiles will give us much better control over who enters campus and provide an increase in safety and security. Together with new security cameras added to the public areas around school, we believe this is a necessary step for SSIS.

The safety of our students, teachers, and community is always a priority. We all must realize, though, that no safety can be achieved without some limitations and occasional inconveniences. The new turnstiles will require that every visitor to campus — every student, every teacher, every parent, every driver, every nanny, every delivery person, every cleaner, every maintenance worker — will need either to swipe a card or stop at the security window and receive a temporary ID card in exchange for a government-issued ID (e.g. passport, driver’s license, identify card).

IMG_5131If you are already registered with us, we have worked this summer to prepare new cards in advance using pictures we have on file and you will be able to pick up your card during the all school orientation day (Tuesday, 11 August 2015).

If you are not already registered with us, or if you have a new nanny or helper or a new driver, each person will need to have their picture taken and a card made. The initial card is free, while replacements for lost or stolen cards will incur a VND 100,000 fee.

During the first week (10-15 August 2015), the turnstiles will be left open, giving our community time to obtain a new card. Starting Monday, 17 August 2015, however, there will be no admittance to campus without a card or stopping to register at the security station and surrendering an official ID.FullSizeRender

An added advantage for students is that these ID cards will now function to log them in at all public-access printers on campus. They will no longer have to key in their user name and ID to print a paper on campus.

We know that each of us may experience some frustration and delay on those days when we forget to bring our school-issued ID, but we hope that every member of the community will remember that this is for the safety of us all.

Sincerely yours,
Mark Sylte, Head of School