Successful first day


Dear Parents,

Thank you for coming to Orientation Day yesterday.  By parents and students coming one day before school begins, it helped us have a great start to the school year.  Today has been a very successful first day of school.  Our Atrium was filled with eager students, excited parents, and welcoming teachers.  The students were brought up to their classrooms and the school year began with activities to learn their classmates.  Procedures were taught and routines were practiced as the overview of the curriculum was introduced.  I entered into every classroom and introduced myself.  The day is going very smoothly.

Some highlights, with pictures attached, include:

  • A new Early Childhood student paints the first letter of their name during the “Parent/Child Interview” process
  • Grade 4 students “role-play” how they will be responsible for their laptops at school during “Laptop Bootcamp”
  • Kindergarten students having lunch with their teacher during the “staggered start” first days of school
  • IMG_0175

We are thrilled to announce such a successful first day; the day has been filled with smiles and warm hearts.  I trust that tonight, you will hear positive reports from your children about their start to the new school year.

Warm regards,

Dan Keller, PhD