1st Week of School Update


August 14, 2015

What a great start to the year!  After our successful orientation day which featured team building and start of year information, we have already started to hit our stride in the classroom.  While students are still a bit sleepy in the mornings, that will change as they acclimate themselves to the HS start time of 8:00.  There are a couple of things that you can help us with in the coming weeks.

ID Cards and Turnstiles

Students, parents and other caregivers will need to bring their SSIS ID badge everyday they arrive at school to enter and exit the turnstiles.  If students or parents do not have their ID’s they will have to log in manually and this will take additional time.


Student compliance with our dress code was pretty good the first week of school.  A couple areas of clarification include sweatshirts/sweaters and shoes.  While we encourage our students to wear the SSIS blue sweater that can be purchased at school, non-SSIS sweaters/sweatshirts can be worn if they have a zipper front where the student uniform shirt is clearly visible.  Students also need to wear appropriate and safe footwear.  Flip flops, sports sandals and high heeled shoes are not appropriate at SSIS.

Thank you for your support in these matters and have a great weekend.

Best regards,

Jacob Hendrickson

HS Principal