MS Backpacks, Bags and Laptops


With their new Apple laptops in hand, middle school students are eager to learn how to maximize their use of a more powerful laptop.  They are also learning about how to care for their laptop properly.  We recommend students have a protective shell as well as sleeve to use as they move around campus.

Luxury-Sanding-Textured-Laptop-Notebook-Case-Protective-Shell-For-Apple-MacBook-Air-Pro-Retina-11-12 71jpW7R4E3L._SX522_

Additionally, students should carry their laptops to and from school in a laptop bag or backpack.  Once at school, these large bags/backpacks will be stored in their lockers.  Students may utilize a small satchel type bag to carry needed belongings (pens, pencils, charger, etc.) into class.  We recommend that this small bag stay at school each day.  There is a small laptop bag for sale in the school store (there were about 50 remaining at last count).  Here are some samples of small bags that can be carried into the classroom:

images-1 9.39.58 PM images

We have already seen many protective cases, shells, and protective bags.  Thank you for working with us to help keep these laptops safe.