Working ’round the clock


Dear SSIS Parents –

While we often write you with news of what our faculty and students are doing, it’s important to remember that there are a group of adults here at SSIS who are also working around the clock for your children and who often don’t get recognised as often as they should. I’m talking about our cleaners, gardeners, and maintenance workers without whom we could not keep running as a school.

I was reminded again IMG_5272of this as I walked down to the elementary school this morning to greet teachers and students starting their day. It was only on my walk back to my office that I looked at our garden area and suddenly realised that our planting area had changed dramatically from last Friday afternoon.

When I left school last Friday, I saw that the bamboo fixtures and been delivered. The garden area will be used for science classes in our elementary and middle school classes. We want students to understand better the connection between our environment and the food on their table. It is one thing to talk about the plant cycle or the growth cycle in nature. It is quite another thing to plant a seed bed and learn about the interaction of sun, rain, soil, and nutrients first hand.

This morning, as I passed the same area, I saw dramatic changes from the weekend work of our staff. These hard working men and women are just as important to the care and education of your children as we are as teachers and administrators. We hope you join us in thanking them for all they do for this wonderful community at SSIS.IMG_5280


Mark Sylte, Head of School