Frameworks, Super Units, and Beyond…


Dear Parents,

Today, I was pleased to see the number of committed parents who came to the Principal Coffee.

I started by sharing information about the professional development that occurred with our teachers over the weekend and Monday.  The workshops were on appropriate use of technology in the classroom, and how to use that technology to transform the learning environment we can create for our students.

I then introduced the title of the talk: Frameworks, Super Units, and Beyond.  After a brief review of our school’s Mission and Core Values, we explored questions such as:

  • What is the Curriculum Framework and why is it important for parents?
  • How do our Mission and Core Values compel us to provide an education that simply goes beyond traditional academics?
  • What are the reasons for providing an integrated curriculum to elementary students?
  • What are Super Units and why are they important for students?

The link to the slide show is below; I hope you enjoy.

Warm regards,

Dan Keller, PhD

Frameworks, Super Units and Beyond…