SSIS Opens WiFi Access for Parents

Dear SSIS Parents and Guardians –
Each year we invest a great deal of money in technology for the education of your children. Our IT personnel work very hard to deliver reliable and fast connections to support the teaching and learning that goes on inside, and outside, the classrooms each day at SSIS. We very carefully guard and monitor these services during the day to maintain our focus on the academic uses of our systems.
At the same time, we understand that our parents and guardians are equally dependent upon fast connections for their businesses and general communications. While 3G connections around HCMC are improving each year, WiFi still provides the fastest, and most reliable connection, in many cases.
We have therefore made some changes to our wireless network to allow parents and guardians to sign on to our system during non-academic hours. We hope that this will be useful to you when you drop off and pick up your children during the day, and when you attend late afternoon and evening events at the school.
The following information should answer most of your questions. If not, please contact Mr. David Perkin, ICT Director, at
Sincerely yours,
Mark Sylte
Head of School
Q: How do I log in?
A: From any Apple or Android devise, use the following credentials: Username: [found in the email we sent]  Password: [found in the email we sent]
Q: When may I use the system?
A: Access will only be available from 15:00 (at the end of the academic day) until 07:30 the following morning. This account and password will not work during the school day as we must reserve all our resources to support our students and their learning.
Q: Is this a permanent change?
A: Yes, unless the usage becomes so high that we have to reevaluate. This username and password is intended ONLY for SSIS community members. Please do not share these with friends or acquaintances at other schools who may be on our campus. Again, if this becomes too much of a burden on our resources we will be forced to shut it down.
Q: Anything else?
A: Yes. We want to remind you that you should never let your internet usage detract from being present as a parent. If you are here on campus for a basketball game, a concert, or a play, your child hopes you are there to watch them shine and will not have your eyes glued to your phone or iPad. According to one study, one contemporary phrase that children hate to hear from their parents is, “I’m just checking my phone.” They want, and need, you to be there for them.