MS WWW Update: Day 4 Thursday Nov 12th


WWW trips are coming to a close. All students and faculty will be traveling back
to SSIS on Friday. Students will be encouraged to text their parents when we are
about 30 minutes out from SSIS. Return times are as follows:
Gr 6 2:00 pick up
Gr 7 1:00 pick up
Gr 8 2:00 pick up

Be sure to check out the latest photos posted to the websites:
Gr 6 Trip:

Grade 6 had a fantastic morning at a local school. The students has so much fun playing games with the kids, helping them to make signs to promote reading and building a bookshelf to hold all of the books that we donated. The highlight of the morning was giving the books out and seeing the delight on the kids and teachers faces.
Afternoon we are so excited to cap off our trip with geocaching in the red canyon followed by a big buffet dinner and awards ceremony

g6 day 4-1 g6 day 4-2g6 day4.3g6 day 4.4

Gr 7 Trip:
g7 day 4.6g7 day4.5g7 day4. 1g7 day 4.5


Gr 8 Trip:

SSIS G8 - Ta Lai - Day 3-55SSIS G8 - Ta Lai - Day 3-64  SSIS G8 - Ta Lai - Day 3-72SSIS G8 - Ta Lai - Day 3-71G8 day 4.1