PTA sponsored HS Exam Brunch


dec10_english_exams_ratliff_006Dear Parents,

High School Mid term Exams begin on Thursday, December 10  – Wednesday, December 16. The  PTA is helping to organize a brunch for the HS students.  The brunch will be served from 10:30am – 11:40am.  Please join the PTA in providing a dish to serve a minimum of 10 students.  Let’s help support our HS students by making sure they get a healthy brunch between their exams.  Please sign up here HS Exam Brunch  



Please email Delma Park with any questions:

  • What: High School Mid term  Exams
  • Who:  SSIS HS Students
  • When: Thursday, December 10 – Wednesday, December 16
  • Where: SSIS Plaza
  • Why: Provide HS Students with brunch between exams
  • Note: As always, we encourage you to use washable or reusable containers if at all possible.  Please remember to label youdec10_english_exams_ratliff_015r items.