HS PowerSchool Grade Book Information

The high school staff is preparing to finalize grades and send them to families electronically by Saturday, December 19th.  Our staff will be working very hard to make this happen for the first time in a number of years.  PowerSchool grade books will be enabled for students/parents to view their coursework column (C1).  The C1 column shows all of the regular assignments, tests, quizzes, etc from the first semester.  The Exam column (E1) is the grade of the final exam/project in each class.  The Semester Grade (S1) is the overall grade that goes on the transcript (C1 + E1).  Over the next few weeks as teachers are working on comments and grades the Exam (E1) and Semester Grade (S1) columns will not be visible.  Report cards will be sent via email and will be viewable on PowerSchool to parents and students that will include the C1, E1, S1 and teacher comments by December 19th.
We wish our students the best of luck during exam week starting on December 10.
Best regards,
Jacob Hendrickson