MS Great Start to Art in 2nd Semester


We have had a great start to 2nd semester.  Here are some of the great learning experiences our students have begun:

Grade 6 Art Buddies in New York:
Our students at SSIS have been connected with a class at Commack Middle School, Long Island, New York. They have swapped photos of themselves, and each student will REMIX and transform the artwork in an interesting way. The art needs to communicate something they have learnt about the student from a survey they filled in. At the end of the task, all works will be photographed and swapped again. What the students in NY do with our photos will be a complete surprise. We are hoping through this exchange the students will be able to contact each other and really connect. It is certainly an exciting time in studio A300.

Grade 7 Collaboration with Lawrence S Ting School:
Mandalla 2 Mandalla 2016

Other art activities around the school:
IMG_9017 IMG_9018 IMG_9019