HS: A Message Sent to Students Today

This has been a challenging couple of days for the high school.  The level of care and support that our staff has been providing your children has truly been impressive to watch.  Additionally, students have done an exceptional job looking out for and supporting one another.
The counseling and administrative team has encouraged students to reach out and discuss this issue with parents and extended family in addition to friends.
Below is an email that the counseling team has sent to all students earlier today providing strategies to handle the loss of a friend/classmate. We wanted to provide you with this same message as a resource to help your teen during this tragedy.
While we know this has likely had an impact in your homes, please know that a dedicated staff of truly compassionate teachers and support members is looking out for the best interests of your children at SSIS.
Warmest regards,
Jacob Hendrickson
HS Principal

Dear Students,

We just wanted bring attention to the fact that we know this tragic news is still very difficult. it is important for us to be prepared to support each other during this time of grief and loss.  People react to news like this in a variety of ways. Keep in mind that there is no right or wrong way to feel when someone dies. You may feel sad, angry, guilty, you want to blame someone or something, you may be fearful or worried.  

What Happens After a Friend Dies?

Sometimes trying to understand and figure out what to do or say at a time like this, when a friend dies. Your friends will want to talk about this tragedy. Here are some ideas on that may help you manage this difficult time.

  • Take time to breathe and feel your feet (i.e. breathe in for a count of 4, and breathe out for a count of 6)

  • Do not isolate yourself nor let your friends isolate themselves.

  • Talk about what you are feeling, this will make you feel better. Sadness, anger, fear, worry and guilt are all common feelings.

  • Listen to your friends. Help them celebrate all of the wonderful qualities of Mizuki (think of the good times).

  • When you are at school, it may often seem very surreal. You might walk in, go through your normal routine, and expect to see him walking in the halls, but he is not there.

  • Take care of yourself: Be sure to eat, drink water, and get plenty of sleep and rest.

  • Write a letter.

  • Forgive someone.

  • Do something nice for yourself.

  • Lean on family and friends: Seek and accept help from adults, parents, friends, teachers, and counselors. Just having someone listen to you, or being in a room with someone who is sympathetic could help you get through the day.

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Take care of your friends and classmates. We need to be there for each other. If you see someone who needs help, talk to a faculty member or counselor.


Ms. Hawken and Ms. Bumpus