MS MathCounts Regional Competition


This year’s event had everything:  fierce competition, excellent math, and a lot of fun. Nine schools attended to create 22 teams of four.

The Highlights:
In a close competition, SSIS team 1 placed 8th out of 22 teams scoring 50.25 points just 7.25 points behind the first place team. An improvement of 17.25 points over last year and 26 points more than the next best school in Ho Chi Minh City.

San Kwon participated in the countdown round (for the top 13 students) and won two rounds to earn 9th place overall out of 88 students. He was the first SSIS student to do so in the past three years.

Joon-Young Cha’s mixed school team took 1st place in a multi-activity event (math relay, scavenger hunt at Saigon Square, cross number puzzle, and Escape Room).

Our 11 students had big smiles, made new friends, and achieved a satisfying pay off from a rigorous practice schedule.

Joon-Young Cha
Ha Ryoung Cho

Doris Chung
Minh Duong
In Hyuck Kim
Na-Kyung Kim
San Kwon
Daehyup Park
Seung-Yeon Sa
Min Seo Song
Tri Giao Vu

The mathletes now turn their focus to the Saigon Maths Competition and Middle School Logic Competition.

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