MS: Collaboration is the name of the game in Art!


TASK: To swap photos with a class in Commack Middle School, Long Island, New York, and remix them into a unique piece of work.

Working collaboratively with others on art has been a major focus this year for art teacher, Mrs. Rebecca Jardin.  For the last 5 weeks Grade 6 art students have been working with a class in New York. They have all been matched with a buddy. After swapping photos, each student had to copy, REMIX, and transform their photo into an amazing artwork which captured the interests and characteristics of their new buddy. Using 4 different art techniques, our SSIS students worked their magic and created amazing works of art for their buddies.  After a long wait, our students finally got to see the work of their New York partner.  Check out Mrs. Jardin’s blog to learn more about the project and to see all the work from the project.

Learning about their new buddies.
Bulletin board featuring the project and student work.
SSIS student, Ariel, works with NY student’s photo (Skylar).
NY Student, Skylar, works with SSIS student’s photo (Ariel).