MS: Student work trending on Teen Ink


Finding a public audience is an important first step as a writer.  Congratulations to our Grade 8 students who have recently been published on Teen Ink, an online magazine / website that has been publishing teen work since 1989.

Not only have their persuasive essays been published, they have received high scores from readers and have been selected to be featured on the front “page” of the social issues / civics section.  Lee-Yang Chiang and Catherine Nguyen have certainly made SSIS proud.  Catherine’s article “The Consequences of Technology in a World Reliant on It” and Lee-Yang’s article “Snack Time? Not Quite: Why You Should Always Read the Labels” were written for their Exploratory Writing class, taught by Mr. Greg Jardin.  Mr. Jardin set out the goal of publishing their final essay at the start of the unit.  Students were allowed to select the online publication of their choice – sites like Teen Ink, the Huffington Post (teen section), and the New York Times (teen section).

While all students were required to submit their writing, not all will get chosen for publication.  Congratulations to Catherine and Lee-Yang for their great work.

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