MS: 1st Saigon Logic Competition


The 1st Ever Saigon Logic Competition was a success.  This student led competition was designed and implemented by middle school students from SSIS and ISHCMC.  Doris, Min-Seo, and Giao with four ISHCMC students wrote and ran the competition this last Saturday. Good fun was had by all and we thank them for making it a memorable day for all 24 SSIS students who attended. Thanks also go to Mark Crowell, middle school math teacher, for continuing to advise and support our students in these math experiences.

The results:
Individual Results out of 64 students
1st place:
Tied for 2nd Place:
San Kwon
Lucy Sa
Tommy Nguyen
Nakyung Kim
Tied for 4th
Winnie Zhai
Dino Kim
Team Results out of 16 teams
1st Place:
Carl Becker
Ka Yee Chan
Haryoung Cho
Winnie Zhai
2nd Place:
Min-Seo Jeong
Dino Kim
San Kwon
Daeyhup Park
Go MathDragons!!!
IMG_20160528_121120646 IMG_20160528_121137613_TOP IMG_20160528_121138757 IMG_20160528_121216197