ES: Feedback on communication survey


Dear ES Parents,

Last December, over 200 elementary parents participated in our ES Parent Communication Survey.  The Elementary School Leadership team analyzed the data in January. The data was shared with the ES teachers in February. The teachers appreciated that information and began to refine our practices.  Since that time, we hope many of you have noticed a change in the frequency and content of the emails you get from your child’s classroom teacher.

The results of the 8-question survey showed that most elementary parents are either happy or very happy with the communication they receive from their child’s classroom teacher.  There was a percentage of parents who were not happy and felt that communication from their child’s teacher was inconsistent or absent.

From the survey responses we learned that most parents would like to receive a weekly email from their child’s classroom teacher. We also learned that most parents would like information about:

  • Your child’s learning and behaviour
  • What your child is learning in class
  • How to support your child at home
  • Classroom events

We know from academic research that when parents are engaged in their child’s school experience, children benefit. Communication from the classroom teacher is one way we can help you be engaged in your child’s learning. We appreciate the time you took to complete the survey.  Looking forward to next year, you can expect weekly communication from your child’s classroom teacher with regular updates from the specialist teachers.  

Many thanks to Grade 2 teacher Roxanne Ross for her help in providing leadership on this Parent Communication Survey project.  Thanks to participating parents for helping us to make our school an even better place for you and your family.


Dan Keller, PhD