What do 1000 dragons look like?


Dear Members of the SSIS Community –

I am pleased to announce that SSIS has reached another milestone in its history with the enrollment of the 1000th student today.TVU_9223

Sofie Slettemoen and her sister, Elise, moved to Vietnam from Norway with their parents, Kai-Rune and Gro. Sofie will be in Grade 10 and Elise will join the middle school in Grade 6. Kai-Rune and Gro have come to Ho Chi Minh City on business and SSIS was their first choice school for the education of their children.

In celebration of this moment in our School’s history, we will distribute smoothies after school today to all students, teachers, teaching assistants, office staff members, gardeners, cleaners, maintenance workers, security personnel and nurses on campus. The reputation of any school is built over time and rests on the hard work of so many people. It’s only fitting that all get to join in a celebration of our success.

Mark Iver Sylte, Head of School