MS MAP Testing, Sept. 8, 13, and 16


Each year, Middle School students take the Measure of Academic Progress (MAP) test in Reading, Language Usage and Math.  This is an adaptive test that adjusts to each test taker’s responses.  The results of this test are used to better understand individual student needs and to help plan for instruction.  Students do not need to study for this test.  Instead, all we ask is that students get a good night’s sleep and a healthy breakfast in order to ensure they are physically prepared and ready.  Students will take the MAP test first thing in the morning and then attend all scheduled classes (just for a shorter length of time that typical).  The test taking schedule is below:

MAP Language Usage – Thursday, Sept. 8
MAP Reading – Tuesday, Sept. 13
MAP Math – Friday, Sept. 1

Students and parents will receive the official results of the tests in October.  With all test results, we want to remind both students and parents that one test does not tell us everything about each student.  It is just one piece of information that we use to understand each student. As you think about the results of this Fall’s MAP testing, it is important to note that in middle school, scores do not change much from year to year due to the design of the test.  In fact, the average point gain for students in grades 6-8 ranges from 3 to 7 points from the Fall to the Spring.  It is also important to remember that comparing Spring scores to Fall scores can be misleading and difficult as students have moved into a different grade.